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Peacock Spider (x)


Peacock Spider (x)

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We’ve been down that road. No more.

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Do You Want to Steal a TARDIS?

A pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist.
— Ashley Williams . Mass Effect 1 (via fyeahmasseffectquotes)


I am the best thief in the business, not the most famous.

Kasumi Goto - requested by the lovely Jai


I have a billion other things to do, but I drew Garrus instead.


I have a billion other things to do, but I drew Garrus instead.


No you don’t understand…Everything characters go through, I go through. Through all the pain, funny moments, happy moments,  sad moments. Through everything, from the biggining to the end. I become the character, I walk in their shoes, I suffer like they do, I cry when they do, I do the actions they do. 

"Why are you so worked up over a show/book/video game" because I have lived the life the characters have lived. It became one, of my many lives. 

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if you’ve never fallen intensely in love with a video game character i feel very sorry for you

Feros - Arriving & Leaving